Parent Testimonials since 2007

Every year at our graduation ceremony when our Pre-Kindergarten class of graduates completes their preschool journey and embark on their adventure through elementary school, we request all parents to sign our "Treasured Memories" journal with their feedback from their experience with us. This journal represents our treasure box of memories and messages from parents for the past twelve years.

The following testimonials are straight from our treasure box! We are currently in the process of updating our website with all testimonials leading up to our 2018 graduation.

“I could fill this entire book full of words and still not be able to fully express how much you all have meant ot Nikki and our entire family, Little Scholars Nest is truly a “home” school for us because I feel like Nikki is in school everyday with family! As your neighbors we promise to visit from time to time since we will miss you all so much! You are all amazing people and great teachers.”

“Thank you for all the care education and teaching you have provided to Sreyas in transforming him over this year. I feel confident that he is very much ready for kindergarten and to be in a large classroom setting. I remember one year ago when we pulled Sreya out of Stratford school we enrolled him at Little Scholars Nest Preschool with a hope that he would at least learn good behavior in a nurturing and more tolerant atmosphere. The good is truly accomplished with the hardwork and perseverance shown by all of you. A big thank you again.”

“Thank you very much for taking care of and looking after Adhvait over the past years. It’s been wonderful for Adhvait as well as for all of us. We always find him smiling and cheerful at the end of each day and compassion that you guys put in taking care of our loved ones. We are ub a way blessed to have you guys part of Adhviats life. He is going to miss you all. Thank you so much.”

“Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into the kids to get them ready for elementary school. Diptika enjoyed coming to school and sharing time with teachers even though she missed the animals at home. She learned to read the words, letters, and numbers as this is his first blue preschool. We’re really glad for everyday and good luck for the future years.”

“Thank you so much for all the effort and everything you did for Saran. He turned from a little kid to boy in Little Scholars Nest and he will miss you all so much. Mrs. Karpagam, he wants to come and stay with you all if you will allow him. Mrs. Srivastava you are ---- above and beyond everything and all the way throughout. Mrs Sumi, he loves being in your class when he was in preschool, and thank you so much for leading him in the right direction. Ms. Mandeep, thank you so much for everything.”

“First of all, thank you so much for everything you have done for Akhil. All that he has learned being a part of Little Scholars Nest is very impressive and much appreciated!! We are so glad that we found out about your wonderful school and got Akhil to attend his most formative years here and grow so well. Akhil is going to miss you all and his great friends.”

“It has been a great journey for Rishi at Little Scholars Nest. He loves it here so much that he just wanted to stay here :). We will miss you all a lot. Sincere thanks for all your efforts. It is like the life cycle of a butterfly. The first few years of school are so important in turning them into butterflies. Hearty Thanks!!”

"Shriya learned a lot during her years at Little Scholars Nest. She had lots of fun, learned to read, count, and write. Thanks for getting Shriya ready for TK."

“Dear Shalini, Karpagam, Sumi, and Monica, Little Scholars Nest is an excellent school. Akshaj enjoyed so much coming to school, he had so much fun in learning phonics, math, rhymes, and everything. He had so much fun with all his friends and teachers here. He has great respect for you and will miss all his teachers. Actually we are going to miss this school since now we have to look at his learning, when he was coming never we had to do nothing. Thank you very much and appreciate all your help to Akshaj.”

“Dear Shalini and all teachers, Shreyas and Saketh both have grown up into kids ready for kindergarten. That wouldn’t be possible without you and the rest of the team at Little Scholars Nest. They learned alphabets, numbers, phonics, reading and math. Little Scholars Nest has been an important part of Shreyas’ and Saketh’s life. Thanks for providing them a caring, safe, educational, and fun filled growing environment. Thank you very much.”

“Little Scholars Nest is an excellent school. Shalini, Karpagam, and Sumi are excellent teachers. My son is very happy here we love this school’s caring, loving, and safe atmosphere. Definitely my son will miss this school. Thank you very much teachers.”

“Shalini and staff, thank you for spending so much time with Neelay. His progress has been great. We really appreciate your hard work and dedication. It really shows. Stay tuned for Nikki.”

“Shalini, thank you and all the wonderful teachers for imparting such vital knowledge and love to Samara. Sianna is ready to follow in her footsteps. I am excited to be part of the Little Scholars Family for another 2 years! Thank you.”

“Shalini, it has really been a wonderful experience with you and your school in the past two years and look forward to another 2 ½ years with Ritu. We really liked the academics and dance classes in your school. Please keep up the good work. Thank you for all your efforts for today’s graduation ceremony.”

“Dear Shalini, Let me begin with a big thank you. Rahul had fun filled experience with his preschool. He learnt a lot and has become a very intelligent person and loves to go to school. Thank you for all the help and care. Rahul sure is going to miss you all. Have a wonderful life, all the best."

“Dear Shalini, I just cannot express in words as how much Pranav loves this school. He has been really happy this school for last 3 1/2 years and I am sure he will miss those days.”

"Varsha has been with Little Scholars Nest for more than 2 years. She really enjoyed coming here for all the teachers, her friends, and the great learning environment. She loved the special events and all the daily activities. Thank you Ms. Shalini, for all the learning and attention."

“Shalini, You make a difference in the lives you touch. Thanks for being such a wonderful teacher. A big thank you to you all the teachers for taking such good care of our kids, the things they learned here will carry them for long.”

“Thank you for being the greatest teachers! Pranav had a great time, we are very proud of him, he is ready for Kindergarten, thanks to you guys!!!!!”

“It’s time for kindergarten, but Muskeen will miss his preschool a lot. Thank you for everything and God Bless all the great teachers.”

“It has been a great pleasure to send Aadi to your preschool. He has come a long way, keep up the good work and will continue to refer your place to lot of parents, Good Luck!!!!!”

"Shalini, I cannot tell you how happy we are since Sahil joined your school - your teaching standards are high but your caring nature makes it a home away from home for him. I am so happy we found you and waiting for Saisha to join you too."

“Congratulations to all the teachers for another successful year, we are very happy with your school. Esha has learned so much here and now is off to Kindergarten, thank you for all your efforts. Good luck.”

“My daughter went to Shalini's home-based pre-kindergarten program this year. I really liked what my daughter learned in her pre-kindergarten program. She also has a preschool program. You can call her and check her preschool curriculum. Besides academics, she did lots of extra-curricular activities throughout the year. Overall, neat, and clean environment.”

"Gentle, loving, caring, home away from home..Shalini's Little Scholars Nest was a great place to be for my kids over the summer. You will be always greeted with a smile at the door, at pick up or drop off, your concerns will always be heard, and you can be rest assured your child is getting the best care away from home. Classrooms are neat and clean, well-organized, activities planned to keep your child involved and happy, routine followed from breakfast to lunch to nap time to outdoor play so your child is comfortable and knows what to expect. Above all, Shalini is great with kids, understanding, and patient and loving. It's hard to find childcare like this these days."